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My husband & I had 4 investment properties prior to finding Destiny. I had always been interested in property and could see it as a way to secure our financial future. My husband is in commercial building and his body will not allow him to continue to do the physical work he does through to retirement age. We saw property as being our vehicle to a safe and secure retirement. We were keen to purchase more property but the bank wouldn't lend us any more money as I wasn't working and we had four young children so I thought our property investing days were over.

Luckily I picked up one of Margaret's books by chance and read it in a couple of days. Through the Destiny website I found the Melbourne office. I had an appointment with Michael and came away very excited and motivated with the prospect of someone being able to help us start investing again. I couldn't wait to become a Destiny client.

That was approximately 4 years ago and during that time I have learnt so much. Initially, I couldn't grasp the concept of buying a property over the internet 'sight unseen' but with Michael as my mentor as well as reading all Margaret's books the process was less daunting than expected. Since then we have managed to purchase a further 10 properties and have well exceeded our initial expectations. None of this would have been possible without the full support and encouragement from Michael, Laurel and Lucy and the excellent team at Melbourne.

In fact I love the property investing business so much that after attending Margaret's seminar in Melbourne last year I was so motivated again that I phoned Michael and asked if there was any possibility of me working at Destiny in some capacity in the future. My youngest child was starting school and I felt the time was right for me to get back into the workforce doing something I loved. I am now a consultant with Destiny and love being able to help Destiny clients with their investment property purchases.

We feel very reassured about our financial future and look forward to many years of travel with our children and the choices that our investment properties will bring us. None of this would have been possible if I hadn't picked up that first book of Margaret's!

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Kevin and Wendy

Kevin and Wendy run their own Photographic business and have enjoyed their involvement with Destiny as a way to help set up some security for their retirement.

"We are good friends with Gary and Jan and when they began their journey with Destiny, we, of course, were not going to miss out" says Wendy. "I have really enjoyed the learning process and admit we were total novices when it came to property. Kevin had built our own home as an Owner Builder and that was the extent of our property knowledge.

Through Margaret's books and the Focus Group Sessions held at the Branch, we were able to get a handle on buying further property. Our first purchase was a property in Kalgoorlie WA for $115,000 and we were quite scared of the whole process. Gary and Jan held our hand through the different stages and that property has always been a positive cash flow property. It is now worth more than $200,000 and we are rapt!

Our next venture was in building a property in Northam WA as we found an inexpensive block. The process was different but our goal was always to be positive cashflow at the end and we have achieved that, and again seen the value of the property grow well.

It is so reassuring to have Gary and Jan there as mentors through all our property purchase decisions. We love the professional service provided by Perth.

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Anthony and Joanne

Anthony and Joanne started their Destiny journey after attending Destiny's Central Coast seminar in 2006. Anthony works as a land surveyor while Joanne works part time as an Office Administrator. After thoroughly researching their options, Anthony and Joanne could see that their investment goals were well aligned with the Destiny® program and subsequently joined the Central Coast branch as Platinum clients in March 2007. In July, the Olivers were invited to join the trial group for the new and improved Property Focus Group and successfully completed the program in September this year.

"Joanne and I were so motivated after attending the Property Focus Group that about a week after the conclusion of the session we found our first investment property in Tamworth. The Property Focus Group was an excellent kick-start to our property Investment journey and we learnt many useful research tips to help us find our first investment property". "We were keen to learn the Destiny approach and were pleasantly surprised at how fast we were able to acquire our first property. Through the Property Focus Group we were also able to meet other like-minded people who were interested in investing and this gave us a good chance to learn from each other".

"Our first property was not a positive cash flow property and we struggled with this a little but we also knew through our research that there were many positive indications, that in time the rent returns would follow. We realised that it was important for us to get a foot in the door and not to lose good opportunities when they came along".

The Oliver's are firm believers that anyone can achieve their property investment aspirations; all that is needed is belief, confidence and application. Anthony and Joanne are already actively searching for their next property.

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