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Margaret and Bob

Marg and I joined Destiny in 2005 as Virtual clients. When Beresfield branch opened in July 2007, I transferred to Annette and her team at Beresfield and have progressed enormously. I have read Margaret's books and could see the real benefit of creating an income for life. I have always had an interest in real estate, and in later times so has Marg, but this was going to take that interest to a new level.

What always took our interest with the Destiny programme was that nothing was ever very expensive. The books and the seminars that Margaret runs around the country are very affordable when you compare to other so-called educators. I have always believed, and still do, that Margaret's focus was to to keep the education affordable so many people could access the information. Marg and I are both shift workers and enjoy the outdoors; holidaying and spending time with our 3 children aged 26 to 20.

After receiving our initial projection my comment was "Yeah so where do you find properties like that showing those returns" even though it stated that they were real examples.

Initially we did a lot of research and little else. One must actually put the plan into practice if you wish to achieve your aim of creating that income for life. When I look back on those original projections knowing what we know now, I must admit that they were absolutely achievable.

Our first property purchase after joining Destiny was in Woodridge Qld. We did some research and found a property that looked OK so we just went for it…we took action even though a little blindly in hindsight. The result has been great. Between 2005 and mid July 2007, we purchased 2 properties, then after transferring to Beresfield, we have purchased another 4. Today we have 6 properties and the majority of these have been recent purchases with the support of Annette and her team at Beresfield. We are presently doing a small duplex development in Victoria. Our time with Beresfield has enhanced our knowledge and confidence, which has resulted in us testing out some other property strategies. Your Destiny team are so willing to help you develop your portfolio and Marg and I definitely plan to continue to achieve our goals.

Get involved and stay involved. If I had my time again I would definitely get the education as early as possible, then take action and always use the amazing support vehicle that you have at your local Destiny Branch. In our case, as long as Annette gives the property a tick of approval, then we are both sure that it will be a positive move.

It is like most things, the more effort and time you put in, the better the result. At Destiny, you are mixing with like-minded people. Get the education, use your Destiny team and simply follow the principles. Anyone can do it. Just get out there and do it!

If you take action now, the results can be amazing in a short time, even if you do have a long term plan.

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Mark and Lynette

Mark and Lynette like many other couples wondered how they were going to meet their financial goals. Mark is a Diesel Fitter and Lynette a part time Psychologist and mother.

Their story...

It was 2007 and I was on 12 months maternity leave with our second child, I wanted to find a suitable investment means for further cash flow. On one wage, is near impossible. How could we meet our goals: a new car in a few years; an overseas holiday for a white Christmas in 10 years; Mark to "get off the tools" by the age of 40... Prior to children we had two wages and could pay cash for these items, but I could see in the future this was not going to be the case.

I have always had an interest in real estate and day-dreamed of owning property (in addition to our own home) - I just didn't understand how to go about it. On discussing our need for further cash flow and my interest in property, our accountant said he thought Margaret Lomas' principles were perhaps the most sensible in the property investment industry. After then reading a few of her books, I tended to agree. From there, I contacted the Destiny Virtual Branch and haven't looked back - we have been clients since February 2008. Mark Rossiter and the team have provided great support. I am receiving the mentorship that I was seeking. Initially we were reluctant to tell family and friends of our investing plan, as everyone has their own opinion of the 'right' investing option, so we wanted to steer away from any negativity. Hence, the professional mentoring offered by the Virtual Branch has been greatly appreciated.

Our first property purchase was in May 2008, followed by a second purchase in September 2008. Now we are about to have our third child and contracts are signed for properties 3 and 4. My plan is to have about 12 months off from looking for any further property, but I think I will get itchy feet and won't able to stop myself searching for properties 5, 6.... My personal goal is to eventually purchase over 10 properties. We still need that new car and now having our children, we want the flexibility to work a little less and spend more time with them. We don't necessarily want to be wealthy, but to be able to create opportunities for an interesting and adventurous life. We have set our goals for the next 20 years and displayed it in poster format on the wall. This is great motivation for us to keep on purchasing those investment properties!

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Lorraine and Mark

Hello. Our names are Lorraine and Mark and we'd love to briefly share our story with you.

I had always felt there was some way for us to live a better lifestyle and provide for the future. The past 20 years has seen us try multi-level marketing and share trading. But it wasn't until we became one of those unsuspecting couples who bought an interstate (Queensland) property after being flown in and treated like royalty and ushered through the process all in one day, that I realised that I liked this game, and decided to give it a go. Mark is an avid supporter of our desire to accumulate property, and he is most willing to put pen to paper when the documents need signing. I am the 'gofer' and enjoy the thrill of the property hunt!

So that was in 2000 and although it took some time to realise that we had, in fact, been one of those unfortunates who had over-paid for an under-researched property, it was not enough to put us off. I believe in learning from experiences - the good, the bad and the ugly - and moving on. We still hold that property and it is now doing very nicely.

In 2002, we engaged the help of a buyers advocate which resulted in the purchase of our second property (Victoria). That same property manager's company still manages that property for us today. So, like the first property, we felt the need to have help in finding and making our property purchases.

Then in 2005, wishing to learn more about property investing, I joined a group called Wildly Wealthy Women and it was through this network that we ended up purchasing our third property in Western Australia. At this point in my learning I was realising that I am the sort of person that likes constant contact with like-minded people so I can seek advice and keep motivated.

I had visited the Destiny office in Footscray in about 2003, but in our lack of wisdom at the time (hindsight is a wonderful thing isn't it?) decided it was not for us. However, I have learned from that experience that if you find something that feels right and suits your needs, run with it.

Receiving the Destiny VIP Newsletters via email, I learnt that a new office would be opening in Bayside in 2008. Brilliant! We went to meet the delightful Louise and were blown away with the friendliness and professionalism of the team at Bayside. With our now (slightly) better understanding of finance and desire to move forward, the joining fee was no longer a barrier and we became part of the Destiny Melbourne 'family'. I cannot recommend their Focus Group enough (yay! I had a group!), and love going to the various workshops to hear from guest speakers, and catching up each time with people who are becoming better friends each time we meet.

Last year we bought our fourth property (Victoria) through Destiny and we were totally impressed with the support and assistance we received from Louise and the team. They are so helpful and willing to answer your questions (no matter how silly you might think your questions are!) Thank you Team Melbounre. Our only regret is that you weren't in Melbourne five years ago!

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In 2008 a friend, who owned some investment properties, recommended Margaret Lomas' books to read. I'd always been interested in the idea, but I didn't know that it could be done without having lots of money to pay out each week. "Positive cash flow" was a revelatory idea! I jumped on the Destiny website and contacted Tim and Elena at the Canberra branch. Having attended an exploratory session with my husband (who has no interest whatsoever in property investing) I decided to join up - on condition that my husband didn't have to contribute any further. He just pays the bills and is perfectly happy for me to continue with Destiny's assistance. He also knows that I can contact the office at any time, and believe me I do! Tim and Elena have certainly earned their fee with me around!

Since November 2008, I have purchased 4 properties, and settled on my 5th in mid April 2009. I'm also actively looking for my 6th. I couldn't do this so confidently if it were not for Tim and Elena's help, advice and sense of humour every step of the way. Not having my husband involved (except to sign the cheques that is!) could have been a little daunting, but I do all the homework myself on properties, and then run it by my Destiny Branch. I absolutely love it, I love the challenge of finding a property, doing the research, talking to the agents, valuers, building inspectors and property managers, and when I've made an offer Tim and Elena step in to do all the hard work like setting up the loan. I wish I had known about Destiny years ago, I would be a lot further ahead on my wealth path.

I've attended the Focus Groups sessions, had a group meeting with Margaret and am looking forward to now achieving Platinum Plus status & having a more 'intimate' chat with Margaret and picking her brains! I have also kept in touch with 3 of the girls from my Focus Group, we call ourselves the "Property Moguls" and meet once a month - it's so refreshing to chat with people doing the same thing and being able to swap views on property investing!

Thanks to Destiny I'm well on my way to achieving my goal of 6 properties by June 2009, and I hope to add many more to my portfolio.

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Phil and Claire

In the beginning, we read widely including Margaret Lomas' books. Her books appealed to me because Destiny's approach to investing was very practical and made sense to me. If Margaret could be a successful investor and a mum with 5 kids - then I could do it with 3 kids. We attended the 2005 Investment Expo where we listened to Margaret speak and then attended a free Destiny consultation. We were very impressed with Destiny Virtual's review of our financial position. They even found an error, which was in breach of the law, from our financial advisors at the time. We promptly changed from these advisors and became Destiny clients, we were so grateful for their expert advice in this complex, time consuming and costly affair. We both liked property investing and the Destiny system made sense to us, we really felt Destiny could give us the practical support and guidance to achieve our financial goals.

We had bought our first investment property ourselves and it was negatively geared. Soon after joining Destiny we bought our second property in Smithfield, Adelaide. The next year we purchased a house and a unit in Mildura and we have just signed a contract on our 5th & 6th property which is a duplex in Caboolture. With some hard work and commitment from us and the expert support and advice from Mark, and the team at Destiny Virtual, we are well on our way to achieving our financial goals. Our tips for others are-

1. Read, read and read some more.
2. Do your research using Margaret's 20 Must-Ask Questions.
3. Check the details with your branch manager then... JUST DO IT!!!!
4. Repeat the above again and again!!

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Alan and Janet

Clients: Alan and Janet. Destiny Clients since 2007.

Recent purchase: Murray Bridge SA, population 1700. Major agricultural district driven by dairying, chicken raising, pig breeding, tomatoes, snow pea growing & large abattoirs. Only 45 minutes from Adelaide on the freeway.

Project: To invest in 4 units, single title property on 1100m, fully tenanted, cash flow positive.

Future: To individually title the units and increase value, then use additional equity to purchase again. This Client is an aggressive investor who, like many of our clients, bids low and keeps in control of the tender.

Outcome: For the same price as purchasing one property, this client now has four, with instant equity gain from individual titles. Plus the properties are paying for themselves!

Well done.

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