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Margaret Lomas Books

With hundreds of thousands of books sold, Margaret Lomas is arguably Australia's leading property expert. Her books cut through the noise and deliver clear instructions on how to invest successfully.

We are currently out of stock of Margaret's book '20 Must Ask Questions® For Every Property Investor'. We expect the book to be back in stock by the end of the month.

Margaret's books 'How To Make Your Money Last As Long As You Do', 'How to Create an Income for Life' and 'How To Maximise Your Property Portfolio' are now out of print and we no longer have any stock of these books.

Margaret's book 'How to Achieve Property Success' which was released on October 1st 2013 is a compilation of 'How To Make Your Money Last As Long As You Do', 'How to Create an Income for Life' and 'How To Maximise Your Property Portfolio' and includes new content as well as a complete revision and update of all of the existing content.

We currently have limited stock of Margaret's out of print books 'A Pocket Guide To Investing In Positive Cash Flow Property' and 'The Truth About Positive Cash Flow Property'.

Margaret Lomas eBooks

We currently offer Margaret's self published books in PDF, EPUB and MOBI (Kindle) format.

We are unable to offer Margaret's other books in a digital format. The publishers of those books have made most of them available as eBooks in Amazon Kindle, Apple iBook, Google Book and Kobo formats.

Please visit the Amazon Kindle Store, Apple iTunes, Google Play or Kobo book store in order to purchase any of those books in digital format.

Margaret Lomas Webinar Recordings

Prior to 2017 for more than a decade Margaret toured Australia each year and presented Seminar's in capital cities and key regional areas in order to keep you updated on the latest property information.

From 2009-2016 we made Margaret's Sydney Seminar available as a Webinar so that people who couldn't attend a Seminar in person could attend via the Internet.

From 2017 Margaret has been presenting a dedicated Webinar each year which is live streamed to viewers via the Internt from her Studio.

We offer recordings of the Webinars for purchase so that if you were unable to particiapte in a Webinar you can still keep up to date on the latest property information.