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Destiny Financial Solutions has always been a pioneer in the Property Investment Industry. We were the first to introduce a financial planning based model for property investors, and it didn't take long for many others to follow suit.

A few years ago, in recognition of the busy lives our clients lead we moved to the digital delivery of our services. As a result accessing quality education and support with a high level of personalised interaction became easier than ever before. Our professional education and support services can be accessed no matter where in the world you live, at a time which suits you.

We have a range of options to suit every kind of investor, from an all-in-one solution for that busy person who just has no time to devote to putting together their own portfolio, right through to collaborative services where you learn more about becoming an investor and take a greater role in the process. Which one you choose will depend upon many things, including the time you have available and the size of portfolio you are interested in acquiring.

Destiny has some 25 years experience working with property investors. All our property investment advisers are Qualified Property Investment Advisers (QPIA) and Destiny is a Founding Member of the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA).

If you are ready for your next investment property, but don’t have the time to devote to the important research and due diligence, then Destiny PropertyMatch™ is for you. After building your individualised Investor Profile, Destiny will use the proven '20 Must Ask Questions®' and proprietary PropertyMatch™ toolset to identify the area, and shortlist properties most appropriate to your Risk Profile and financial circumstances. Once negotiated, Destiny will not only manage the finance setup for the property, and ensure a smooth run to settlement, but also assist with post settlement activities, and prepare a strategy for your next purchase.

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Now online and fully interactive, the Destiny Essential Property Education Course is a highly comprehensive course delivered via a professional training portal, containing all of the education you need to become a highly successful property investor and improve your property portfolio bottom lines. Complete at your own pace and receive a certificate on completion.

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Education is important but so is getting support from qualified people to help you put that knowledge into action. Our Portfolio Success program will see you through from that very important first step of education, right through to settling on your investment properties and beyond. We achieve this through our comprehensive on-line Essential Property Education course, our one to one post course mentoring using web meeting technology and via ongoing workshops, group cloud meetings and Destiny client forums, all hosted and supported by Margaret Lomas to allow you immediate access to her expert guidance.

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Property investors frequently underestimate the importance of finance selection and structuring when purchasing a property, regularly missing tax deductions and debt reduction opportunities. Destiny is a specialist in investment finance, and our free, comprehensive finance acquisition and structuring service, provided by our senior mortgage specialists, ensures each property you buy is financed correctly the first time. Best of all our advanced technology makes this service easy to access, no matter where you live.

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DestinyLive is a comprehensive resource and powerful tool set for anyone investing in property. Proprietary to Destiny, it enables you to manage and track your investment properties online, anywhere, anytime. Whether you have one property, a large portfolio or are preparing for your first purchase, you have real time access to the information that matters. As a Destiny client, your personal adviser can also access this tool to be of even greater assistance to you.

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Destiny VIPs receive a number of great benefits including an e-Report, a monthly newsletter written by Margaret Lomas, weekly property news and much more. To view all the benefits of becoming a Destiny VIP, or to register to become a Destiny VIP please visit our VIP Registration page.

Destiny is a Founding Member of the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA), a not-for-profit industry association ensuring high standards of accreditation in the property investment industry. We subscribe to their code of conduct which includes transparency, full fee disclosure and a commitment to best practice. All of our advisers are Qualified Property Investment Advisers (QPIA).

Destiny® Financial Solutions Pty Limited (ABN 25 073 558 488) is licensed (License No 385880) as an Australian Credit Licensee pursuant to the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009.
Destiny® Mortgage Solutions Pty Ltd (ABN 115 951 534) is licensed (License No 385905) as an Australian Credit Licensee pursuant to the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009.

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