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In 2008 a friend, who owned some investment properties, recommended Margaret Lomas' books to read. I'd always been interested in the idea, but I didn't know that it could be done without having lots of money to pay out each week. "Positive cash flow" was a revelatory idea! I jumped on the Destiny website and contacted Tim and Elena at the Canberra branch. Having attended an exploratory session with my husband (who has no interest whatsoever in property investing) I decided to join up - on condition that my husband didn't have to contribute any further. He just pays the bills and is perfectly happy for me to continue with Destiny's assistance. He also knows that I can contact the office at any time, and believe me I do! Tim and Elena have certainly earned their fee with me around!

Since November 2008, I have purchased 4 properties, and settled on my 5th in mid April 2009. I'm also actively looking for my 6th. I couldn't do this so confidently if it were not for Tim and Elena's help, advice and sense of humour every step of the way. Not having my husband involved (except to sign the cheques that is!) could have been a little daunting, but I do all the homework myself on properties, and then run it by my Destiny Branch. I absolutely love it, I love the challenge of finding a property, doing the research, talking to the agents, valuers, building inspectors and property managers, and when I've made an offer Tim and Elena step in to do all the hard work like setting up the loan. I wish I had known about Destiny years ago, I would be a lot further ahead on my wealth path.

I've attended the Focus Groups sessions, had a group meeting with Margaret and am looking forward to now achieving Platinum Plus status & having a more 'intimate' chat with Margaret and picking her brains! I have also kept in touch with 3 of the girls from my Focus Group, we call ourselves the "Property Moguls" and meet once a month - it's so refreshing to chat with people doing the same thing and being able to swap views on property investing!

Thanks to Destiny I'm well on my way to achieving my goal of 6 properties by June 2009, and I hope to add many more to my portfolio.

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Phil and Claire

In the beginning, we read widely including Margaret Lomas' books. Her books appealed to me because Destiny's approach to investing was very practical and made sense to me. If Margaret could be a successful investor and a mum with 5 kids - then I could do it with 3 kids. We attended the 2005 Investment Expo where we listened to Margaret speak and then attended a free Destiny consultation. We were very impressed with Destiny Virtual's review of our financial position. They even found an error, which was in breach of the law, from our financial advisors at the time. We promptly changed from these advisors and became Destiny clients, we were so grateful for their expert advice in this complex, time consuming and costly affair. We both liked property investing and the Destiny system made sense to us, we really felt Destiny could give us the practical support and guidance to achieve our financial goals.

We had bought our first investment property ourselves and it was negatively geared. Soon after joining Destiny we bought our second property in Smithfield, Adelaide. The next year we purchased a house and a unit in Mildura and we have just signed a contract on our 5th & 6th property which is a duplex in Caboolture. With some hard work and commitment from us and the expert support and advice from Mark, and the team at Destiny Virtual, we are well on our way to achieving our financial goals. Our tips for others are-

1. Read, read and read some more.
2. Do your research using Margaret's 20 Must-Ask Questions.
3. Check the details with your branch manager then... JUST DO IT!!!!
4. Repeat the above again and again!!

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Alan and Janet

Clients: Alan and Janet. Destiny Clients since 2007.

Recent purchase: Murray Bridge SA, population 1700. Major agricultural district driven by dairying, chicken raising, pig breeding, tomatoes, snow pea growing & large abattoirs. Only 45 minutes from Adelaide on the freeway.

Project: To invest in 4 units, single title property on 1100m, fully tenanted, cash flow positive.

Future: To individually title the units and increase value, then use additional equity to purchase again. This Client is an aggressive investor who, like many of our clients, bids low and keeps in control of the tender.

Outcome: For the same price as purchasing one property, this client now has four, with instant equity gain from individual titles. Plus the properties are paying for themselves!

Well done.

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Brett and Kristen

In 2003, my husband and I saw Margaret interviewed on television and made the decision to find out more. We couldn't believe our luck when we found a Destiny branch close to home (Perth) and after spending some time with the team there, firmly believed that this was a logical and viable way for us to provide for our retirement.

We had equity in our home but limited finances and had always believed that purchasing an investment property was an option which would not be open to us for some time. Within the first two years, and with the valuable help of the Perth team, we purchased three properties, all of which have done really well.

Property investment took a bit of a back seat for a couple of years while we worked on setting up our own residential building company, however I recently attended some Focus Group Sessions and am now motivated and keen to get involved again. Since making that decision, James has assisted me by providing valuable tools and advice to assist with our property search.

Although we have not been actively investing over the past few years, James, Terry, Paul and the team have always been more than happy to assist us and answer our questions. We really appreciate the strong support that we've received from Destiny Perth and are excited to be looking for our fourth investment property purchase - with many more to come!!

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Tony and Michele

Once upon a time there was a couple called Tony and Michele. Tony was a safety officer and Michele was a teacher. They had four lovely children and lived in a cottage on the Gold Coast. They worked very hard to build up a portfolio of investment properties. But one day a bad, bad troll took all the money that they, and lots of others, had invested into his company and ran away with it. Michele and Tony were very sad because they had to sell their properties to keep the tax man away. Little by little they began again, buying a house here and there. They tried one loan, but interest rates were too high, they tried another broker but the cash flow was too negative. They did not know what to do.

One night Tony went to bed with a very smart lady called Margaret. He was very excited and called Michele into the room - she got very excited too. Margaret was telling a wonderful bed time story on the radio and she seemed to talk about the happy ending Tony and Michele were looking for. So off they went to the big city to listen to Margaret talk at a seminar. She told them of some very clever ways to manage investment properties. It sounded just right. They went to a special meeting with a delightful lady called 'The Good Fairy Carolyn' on the Gold Coast. It was their "destiny" to meet her because she made a lot of sense. She did not have a magic wand to make things better… she had "The System". Tony and Michele agreed that this was the place for them and they joined the "Destiny Family".

The system meant they had to work hard by doing lots of research on a magic box and a voice amplifier, but poor Tony and Michele had eaten an apple poisoned with procrastination. Luckily for them, The Good Fairy Carolyn left a trail of breadcrumbs for them to follow back to Destiny land. When they arrived back, they met 'Prince Boris Charming' and he and The Good Fairy Carolyn thought it was about time Michele and Tony got a move along and invited them to a shindig.

At this shindig they met a lot of the Knights and Ladies of Destiny Land. They learnt how to unlock the secrets of the magic box and were given the names of Keepers of Wisdom who helped them to find new castles to buy. At the end of the Coming of Wisdom Season they celebrated because 3 members of the group had become new landlords. Tony was so excited by what he learnt that he organised a playgroup for his play mates who he'd introduced to Destiny Land. They would meet each week and competed for the prize for the best foul foot site of the week.

Tony told Prince Boris Charming of the fun he had at the playgroup and Prince Boris Charming organised all the Knights and Ladies of the Land to meet around the Round Table on the eve of each fortnight. What fun! What conviviality! What motivation! Each night the assemblage talked of the different ways they have found the yellow brick road to their own "destiny" and breadcrumbs were put out for those who had lost their way. Like so many, Tony and Michele are no longer waiting for their happy ending, they are living it.

"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale."

Said Hans Christian Andersen.

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Carol and Garry

We knew we had to do 'something' to ensure our retirement years would be comfortable. Eight books into my research, I read 'How to Create an Income for Life' by Margaret Lomas. She knew what she was talking about! We contacted our local Destiny Branch, Sydney, and made an appointment. Dean Bassett showed us how we could use the equity in our home & units to better our financial future - plus we came away thinking he was the 'teacher' from the Chinese Proverb that says "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime."

Destiny weren't Property Gurus trying to sell their own properties - Destiny were going to teach us how to 'fish'. It took us 12 months and lots of weekly 'Focus Groups' to take that next step in property investing - but when we did, it snowballed. One of the most valuable things we have learnt from Destiny -you learn best by 'doing'. In two months we purchased 2 three bedroom homes (only a couple of years old) with great rental returns & lots of depreciation.

Destiny 'Focus Groups' have taught us to be open to opportunities - as a result we had an offer accepted on a brand new home which the builder wanted to lease back from us as a 'Display Home' for several years. The rent is higher than normal residential rent, we are very happy. Positive cash flow too!

At a Destiny seminar a 'Quantity Surveyor' talked about 'scrapping' & 'seeing opportunities to get a tax deduction before any work is done'. An opportunity arose when I found a home that was cosmetically poor but structurally sound - it had immediate potential. We bought the property and renovated, we now own a very modern, desirable rental property. We gained a rent increase of approximately 42% after the renovations.

We now own six investment properties. After joining Destiny we purchased four properties in the space of seven months (our last in Jan 08). We are on track with our 'Property Acquisition Strategy' & are again looking for the right property. We now feel that our retirement years will be financially comfortable. The 'Team at Sydney' are always there to give us advice. We cannot thank them enough for their continual support & encouragement.

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