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Adele and Duncan

This is how the story begins, my first marriage ended in 1996, however, before it did my wife and I bought a 2bed unit in Bronte, Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. After we split up, I bought her share out, then spent the next 8 years overseas in the States working. It was there that I realised that property could be a way to fund my retirement, as I had NO Superannuation.

I returned home in 2004, and attended several different seminars, but they just didn't sit right with me, then I stumbled across Destiny, and straight off the bat, I felt this was the direction I was looking for.

In 2005 I dipped into some equity and bought a 1 bedder in Kensington. A few years passed and I then settled down with a secure job, it was there I met Adele. Several years later we were married. It just happened that Adele had 2 investment properties in Sydney's Northern Beaches, but unsure of how to take the next step in Investing, I introduced her to Destiny and, like myself, after being sceptical at first, she trusted her instincts and was happy taking the next step.

We attended a weekend course and realised we had exactly the same risk profile. This was going to get interesting! We started off with our next two properties, sight unseen, in Nowra. We now realise that, although they might not have been the best buys at the time, we had no one really to bounce things off then, as we do now with Jim. We have learnt so much from him, and as we become more knowledgeable, it's great to know we can still call Jim if we get stuck with something.

After we were invited to attend a seminar with Margaret in March 2012, she sat down with each of us and personally asked us what our property goals were and our plan to achieve them. No matter what excuses people were making in the room for not taking the next step, she had a solution for everyone. We found her to be an inspiration, which sent us off on a spending spree lasting the next 14 months and bringing us another 5 properties, which we bought in Queensland.

It's now Melanie that we are calling to find us more money so we can continue our spending spree. As our confidence and knowledge grows, we are finding more positively geared property, we are very passionate about motivating anyone who is remotely interested in property investing. After all we both stumbled into it.

Through meeting the right people who have mentored us and helped us on our way, we like to share our experiences and to encourage others who are also interested in property. To anyone who is thinking of taking the next step, but is a little cautious, you are not alone.

Thanks to the Crows Nest team, who are always there to assist.

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Karen and Kerry

Several years ago, we read Margaret's books and joined Destiny. We already owned our home in Windsor and an investment property in Bray Park. It took us a few years to get started due to career changes and health issues. After scouring the country and performing untold analysis, we settled on a house in Emerald. For those of you who are hesitating - it's just like getting pickles out of a jar, the first one is hard, and the rest come easy.

Then we bought in Whyalla just as the Gateway branch inconveniently closed but thanks to the team at the Virtual branch we got it over the line. After we met Carolyn and the Gold Coast team, the decision to transfer was a no brainer. At the monthly investment networking meetings we've learned many interesting tips and tricks from Carolyn and other investors. This has helped us source and decide on properties faster and with more confidence. Mixing with like-minded people is both encouraging and positive and keeps our goals focused and energised.

We both approach decisions about property, and everything important in life, from very different angles. So it's really important for us to have an independent advisor who's on the same page as both of us. That unique person is Carolyn and when all three of us agree on a property we know it's a winner and we act accordingly.

With each property we've gained more confidence in our decisions, in our research, in each other and in the team we choose to work with. In the last six months we've bought another house in Emerald and a unit in Newstead and we plan to buy another 5 or more before we retire (it's a long way off for Karen but only 5 years for Kerry… he wishes!).

Some words of wisdom? If you plan on investing in multiple properties make sure you set up a records management system that you and your spouse can both access. We agreed on a paper filing system and have clear responsibilities about who does what. Each new property gets a new file set up in the same format so stuff can be found easily.

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Angie and Mark

About 10 years ago we started looking at property investment, but like many couples we'd heard horror stories and became too scared to take the plunge. When we moved to Victoria for a 3 year work contract in 2004 we bought a property thinking that it could become a long term investment once we moved on but this ended up a bad decision that set us back quite a bit. When we moved back to the Gold Coast in 2007 our accountant advised us to buy an investment property worth 'x' amount to reduce our tax, but he just couldn't help us with the where, when, how, etc.

Frankly we were frightened of jumping in and losing everything we'd worked so hard for and so we did nothing for years. Then we came across Margaret Lomas on 'Your Money Your Call', she made property investing sound much less risky than we had imagined and her 20 Questions had us intrigued.

We met with Carolyn Walshe at the Gold Coast branch and she explained what Destiny was about and how their program would give us the education and tools that we were craving. We started our Essential Property Education course in Feb / Mar 2011.

Our confidence grew rapidly during the course. Now we finally understood how we could use equity, how to run cash flows, all the facts and figures on house prices, rents, vacancy rates, regions, the risks and most importantly taking the emotion out of purchasing investment property. Before the course had finished we'd purchased a house in Andrews Farm SA and a duplex pair in Kearsley NSW. Since then we've bought another house in Gracemere, Qld.

The knowledge we gain every time we talk with Carolyn is priceless. We no longer feel that property investing is high risk for us because we're armed with all the information and support to make informed decisions and Destiny is always there to help us. We enjoy putting in the research when we know that our future will be more secure than if we hadn't taken the plunge.

Our advice to people is do it right - do the Destiny course, educate yourself. It's fun, it's a fantastic journey and the knowledge you gain is powerful. We're getting ready to buy again, just as soon as our house renovation is complete!

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Kate and Jon

When Kate and Jon arrived in Australia in 2006 they were ready to invest in their future and were bombarded with a bewildering array of opinions about how best to do this. One salesman would encourage them to buy "off plan" whilst another promoted the "subdivide and redevelop" idea. All were promises of great wealth and untold riches. They too could be "property millionaires" in 5 minutes. The couple were sceptical about all these schemes and continued researching options whilst attending many property investment seminars, reading books and monitoring the markets. They readily admit that there was a certain amount of procrastination going on too because it was just so hard to know which way to turn.

Both being naturally cautious they had heard many horror stories of people who had lost their life savings to unscrupulous spruikers. Initially they paid for a 'wealth coaching' scheme which proved to be completely unsuitable and they discovered that they'd spent a lot of money being told what they already knew. This disappointing experience further fuelled their scepticism regarding investment planning. It was at a property expo in Sydney that they first heard Margaret Lomas speak and she struck a chord with them both. What she said just seemed common sense somehow.

It was to be another few months before Kate heard Margaret speak again and they then made an appointment with their local Destiny office. Cautious as ever, Kate and Jon went to the initial meeting with Chris Sedgmen. They were determined not to be talked into some get-richquick scheme but listened while Chris explained the strategy. Encouraged by his enthusiasm and knowledge they discussed the pros and cons, signed up and attended the Destiny training course a couple of weekends later. It was a real relief to finally get started.

After attending this EPE course with other likeminded people they began to understand how the Destiny program worked. They loved learning how to find good areas and good properties for themselves and realised how much you could get out of it if you were prepared to work at it. Kate began researching potential rental properties in earnest. Chris was an invaluable resource and help and made the process both enjoyable and relatively painless. Working within a Destiny property action team was enormously encouraging. Group members provided mutual support and information was freely shared. There's a lot of negativity and resistance out there in the world, so having this support network was a huge plus. Eventually even scary concepts such as buying a property sight unseen became accepted and this helped to dispel the fear of the unknown.

Three months after joining Destiny, Kate & Jon bought their first IP - a brand new 3 bedroom house in Raymond Terrace outside Newcastle. Having done all the research and followed Margaret's 20 questions religiously and with Chris's support they felt confident that they had found the right property in the right area. A 4 bedroom house in Ballarat followed 2 months later and they soon began to realize fully that they had found a system which made sense and worked for them.

A couple of months later, in June 2011, Kate came across a little town called Emerald, which seemed to tick all the boxes. Having been inundated earlier that year, many other investors seemed fearful of these areas that had been flooded. Undeterred Kate spoke to everyone in Australia who had ever been to Emerald, people who lived there, the council, property managers etc and looked carefully for properties on the market that had not been flooded. 6 weeks later they settled on a 2 bedroom unit with a sitting tenant and a rental return of 8%. The lease is up for renewal later this year and a sizeable increase is on the cards. Kate will happily argue with anyone who will listen that Emerald is not a mining town, but 'mining-influenced'. Even before the property market up there went crazy a few months ago, the past decade has seen a solid annual growth average of 11%, that did not seem risky to her. Kate's fourth purchase, April 2012, was a 3 bedroom unit in Gladstone and she continues to see Queensland as a state of opportunity though it's getting harder to find good cash flow properties.

As they continue on in their acquisition phase Kate and Jon are still very much involved with Destiny and continue to work with Chris as their finance broker and chief most important person. Kate likes to refer to him as the other most important man in her life. Kate's new job and Jon's end-of-year accounts will consolidate their borrowing power and their next goal is to purchase two more properties before October. Both agree that joining Destiny was one of the best decisions they have made in recent years. Good properties do not fall into your lap - you have to learn to go and find them. They have accepted that success does not come without hard work, dedication and the willingness to read through reams of Council Minutes at 11pm when all you really want to do is have a nice glass of wine and watch reruns of Escape to the Country.


- All wealth creation systems require dedication and hard work. Be prepared to commit the time to do the research.
- Never be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to. You get over the fear of sounding like an idiot pretty quickly. There are too many questions too important not to ask.
- Buying a property sight unseen in an area you may not know is very doable as long as you have some good property managers you can talk to and you ask all the right questions.
- Stick to your strategy, listen to good advice and remember it's a business. Leave the emotions behind.
- There's no such thing as the perfect property. If you wait for it you'll never buy one. If the first property isn't right or you miss out then there will be plenty more. Stop stalling and do it.

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Thea and Wayne

We were not so different from so many other couples, our boys turned into men, found jobs, fell in love and did all of the other things that as parents we hope our children grow up to do. Strangely enough the success of our parenting placed us in a position where we had more money than strategy and financially we had stalled. In a way it was easier when we had all of the expenses that come with raising a family. We had more income than bills and the years spent focusing on providing a good life for our children left us unprepared for focusing on providing a safe retirement for ourselves. We were not unlike a dog chasing a car down the street, what does the dog do when it finally catches one?

When we first started looking for Investment Strategies my husband and I had very different views. He is considered with his ideas on investing money (Superannuation and Cash) and I was more inclined to a view on property. We met with many different advisors, accountants, researched ourselves, had a lot of discussion (which became known as "Board Meetings"), put together a cashflow projection. The cashflow made us face some very confronting realities. Once we had faced the "beast" of retirement planning we knew that property would become one of the key foundations of our 3 to 5 year plan.

"You can not find positive cash flow property in Australia" one accountant told me. Just as well he said that because to me that was the ultimate challenge. My first step of defiance was to book into a Hotspotting Seminar with Terry Ryder, which is where I first met Jim from the Sydney Destiny office. With the support of the Sydney Destiny team and their assistance with getting finance (thanks Mel) we have purchased 9 properties in Rockhampton, Gunnedah, Goulburn, Whyalla ("now Margaret, no groaning") and Ceduna plus our retirement property in Kiama. The retirement property breaks even and the rest of the portfolio yields an average return of 9.3%. I did tell the accountant about these results, strangley enough he did not want to continue our conversation.

As late as last night we were discussing a purchase in Port Augusta, I looked over at my husband who after the conversation seemed to be laughing at our constant research, discussions about location, unemployment rates, proposed infrastructure and rental yields. Maybe he was crying, hard to tell sometimes. Either way we both believe that the advice from Jim and his team has certainly given us the opportunity move past the "beast" of retirement planning and have control over our financial future. The problem now is not how to find a cash flow positive property but how many should we buy and how quickly can we pay them off.

So to Jim, Mel and Tracy from us, THANK YOU.

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Kelvin and Mary

I heard Margaret speak in March 2003 at the Investment Expo in Melbourne and made an appointment to find out if Destiny was suitable for me. My wife and I joined Destiny that month as we felt Destiny ticked all the right boxes for us. We had our home paid off and we had all this equity with no debt and we needed a financial plan to set us up for retirement.

Back in those days, had only just come online so it was a learning curve for everyone involved. It is so much easier to make informed decisions using the technology that is on offer today, when you know what formula to follow. We used our equity and acquired 6 properties within a 2 year period, then 8 properties in a 5 year period and 4 more properties from 2007 to 2011 to give a total of 18 properties. We have since sold one of our properties, the only dud we bought. We chose commercial properties for the cash flow and residential for the growth. The maximum we spent on any property was a commercial property for $460,000 which had a 10% return and all the rest were purchased for around $300,000 or much less.

These are made up of:

- 3 x 2 Brm units in Hay, NSW
- 3 Brm house in Kalgoorlie, WA
- 4 shops in Tamworth, NSW
- Set of 12 Storage sheds in Hay, NSW and
- Set of 10 Storage sheds in Deniliquin, NSW
- 4 Brm house in Deniliquin, NSW
- 4 Brm house in Springfield Lakes, QLD
- 3 Brm unit in Carrara, QLD
- 2 x units in Logan, QLD
- 2 Brm unit in Brooklyn, VIC
- 2 Brm unit in Portland, VIC

We are in the process of purchasing another commercial property at present, setting it up on a Self Managed Super Fund as we near retirement. We have achieved all of this on a modest combined income. We could not have reached this level of investment without the help and guidance of the Destiny Team.


- Purchase older houses near a new estate in large regional areas.
- Diversify your property portfolio to fit your particular goals.
- Keep in touch with your Property Manager so you get a good rapport with them so they know that you are an interested landlord. This way you can potentially nip any possible problems in the bud before they become major issues.

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