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I recently returned from Africa after summiting Mount Kilimanjaro and realised a childhood dream. I finally decided to climb the mountain after much contemplation (more truthfully procrastination). There were a lot of variables - work, physical fitness, weather and probably most importantly self-doubt about whether I would make it to the top!

My property journey, I suppose, has been similarly demanding, with highs and lows riddled along the way. Prior to joining Destiny, while the goal had been to develop a property portfolio, the process had been fairly intuitive. It was squeezed, in passing, between work and on professional advice, buying negatively geared property. Over a period of a few short years, I had acquired four properties, including one commercial property. I soon realised, however, that following such a strategy becomes limiting, with little equity growth and a ceiling on how much you can borrow - after all, the banks are out to protect their bottom line.

Late last year, my life circumstances changed and I began to seriously evaluate my future and the performance of my portfolio. I considered various property investment consultants but finally settled on Destiny. I was reminded of the quote, "Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, teach him how to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime." Education, I figured, would be a wise investment and cheaper in the long term.

After completing the Essential Property Education course last year with Margaret, it has been a truly eye-opening experience. Margaret in her inimitable way highlighted the various pitfalls of lack of research in buying property, the necessity for understanding your own needs for capital growth and cash flow and dispelled the doubts associated with buying property 'sight unseen'. Buying property sight unseen has been a truly liberating investment experience, especially for the time poor!

Since completing the course, I have restructured my finances and developed some solid portfolio goals. Joining the property action team has also added an additional layer of support and encouragement, and the team at Destiny has been invaluable in their advice and assistance. So far, I have added another two properties to my portfolio in Queensland and am negotiating two more properties in South Australia and New South Wales - the beauty of sight unseen.

The goal, of course, is to continue building the portfolio and adding more varied experiences to the property journey. There are challenges - time, work, family, finances and the omnipresent self-doubt. But the team at Destiny work tirelessly to provide support and valuable guidance that provides the encouragement to keep at it. The trick is to keep trying, because the more you do the more you understand.

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Ian and Karon

Hello! We are a working couple in our late forties with a daughter and son who have both moved out of home. We are very busy as both of us are fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) workers. We travel to work in Karratha from our home in Rockingham, south of Perth.

As far as property goes, until we joined Destiny, we owned our home and had a holiday home. We had dabbled in real estate in our early twenties but were not successful. Looking back now, we think it was because we were just not knowledgeable about what we were doing.

Last year we started analysing our future needs and working out some of our goals. This is when we decided to head down the property investment journey again. However, this time we made the decision to do it with guidance, gain some knowledge and invest with confidence.

In July 2013, we commenced our journey via Destiny. With guidance and support from the magnificent team at Destiny Perth we have been able to structure our finances in order to commence creating a solid real estate portfolio.

So far we have managed to build our portfolio with investments in Cooloongup in WA, Aldinga Beach and Whyalla in SA, Taylors Beach in far north Queensland and will be shortly at the completion stage of a build in Chinchilla in Queensland. We are aiming to add three more properties prior to our first anniversary with Destiny.

We have so much appreciation for Terry, Peter and the family at Destiny Perth. They work tirelessly to give support and guidance that assists us during our very busy and mostly hectic schedules.

We are enjoying the journey that can at times be very "fast-paced" and we are going forward with confidence.

All our working lives we have had ambitions to be financially secure. At long last, with the help and guidance of the Destiny team, we are actually making it happen!

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David and Toni

In their mid-thirties, David and Toni had built their own home and had a healthy brood of three young boys. They often talked about buying an investment property in their local town but thought that financially they'd have to struggle and save for a few more years to come. By a chance event in April 2012, David and Toni's 'property investment journey' had begun. Toni used to look through the local newspaper's 'property guide' in her lunch room at work to get a feel for prospective investment properties. One day, she mentioned to a fellow colleague that they would like to buy an investment property but were not really sure about taking the plunge. Luckily for them this colleague just so happened to be a Destiny client and shared her experience with Destiny and a copy of one of Margaret Lomas's books - which Toni and David both read and instantly became hooked!

Shortly after, David and Toni joined Destiny via Chris Sedgman at Adelaide's virtual branch. Chris helped them take the crucial first steps, including an assessment and restructuring of their finances to unlock their equity and establish the best financial structure to accommodate a future investment portfolio. This proved to be a lot of work initially for David and Toni to close down numerous accounts and change banks, but both see this as one of the most important foundations to their current investment strategy.

The next piece of the puzzle was the Essential Property Education Course online in the virtual classroom which armed the couple with the right information and tools to minimise their risk exposure and maximise returns: "We were amazed how empowered we felt after the course and could not believe we would have previously invested 'blind' with little/no knowledge about property". David and Toni then interviewed three different accountants before settling on a firm that ticked all their boxes.

With their foundations in place, and armed with Margaret's 20 Questions, David and Toni commenced their exploration and analysis of different towns and properties. Their first purchase came with a home in Mildura in October 2012, which was quickly followed by a brand new house in Rockhampton in February 2013, an apartment in Armadale (Perth) in April 2013, and house in Toowoomba in July 2013. All properties were relatively modern, so had great depreciation schedules and were each yielding greater than 7% returns. However, their fourth investment property at Toowoomba presented David and Toni with their first significant challenge, with trouble proving serviceability to the bank: "Without the support of Chris this investment would have fallen over, but Chris worked tirelessly with the banks and their calculators to get the figures to work."

After purchasing four properties in less than 12 months, David and Toni had a small break from purchasing and shifted their attention to maintaining their portfolio - renewing leases, increasing rents, reviewing their budgets and paying down some debt. With the property bug starting to bite again, and their strong desire to maximise the current window of investment opportunity, they are now once again casting their property net wide in search for property number five in 2014 and number six in early 2015.

Their ultimate plan is to accumulate 10+ properties by 2020, then focus on debt reduction with a view to retirement in 2025 at age 50 with a passive income of >$100,000 p/a. "People tend to laugh at us when we say we want to retire at 50, but it is a dream we believe is achievable, thanks to the help and support of Destiny."

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Dave and Bernie

My property investment journey started when I took a package from work that meant I could take 12 months off. At that stage I wanted to find something other than another job that would have me locked in to a desk for the next 25 years. I decided that someone had to have written a book about how to create wealth. Despite not being a great reader I decided to start researching and reading. Interestingly, I read none of Margaret's books.

I read Kyosaki, Jan Somers, the 0-100 Properties guy's books. I went to the marketeering "Fly you to Queensland" meetings and had the clown in the suit pushing me to not miss out. Thankfully it all sounded dodgy to me so my wife and I passed. I went out looking for deals, not really knowing what to look for and still managed to miss most of the traps and pitfalls.

Our first pregnancy arrived and investment got shelved for a 'responsible' job as a recruiter. Another pregnancy, another postponement. A change of jobs - another delay. A third child - another delay. Change jobs once more - more delay.

Finally, eight years, a redundancy, two jobs and three kids later we were back at it. I was reading again, and again looking for something.

As Homer Simpson put it, "The answers are all on latenight cable TV". I was flicking on Foxtel and hit Margaret's show. Safe to say, this was bound to happen. My viewing habits included everything Sarah Beeney ever did, "Selling Houses", "Location - Location", and so on.

We decided to check it out. Had the introductory meeting [looking for more pitfalls]; but what I found was the first spruiker who made sense and wasn't trying to sell me anything. We signed up for the course in April 2010, finished the course and just had all our banking sorted and structured - ready to go. Then the mother of all delays…

My wife Bernie was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. Six of the worst months of treatment can really put things into perspective. What are you waiting for?

We bought our first investment during Bernie's treatment, while we both worked full-time with three kids under 7!

Warrnambool had some attractive returns and had really sound fundamentals. Another Warrnambool property jumped up six months later. We researched and found one in Bathurst after being gazumped on a great deal. Our most recent property we found after looking in Toowoomba for nearly a year - but when the numbers don't stack up you just can't buy. So we started looking in Brisbane, lots of offers later we picked up the best property yet in December 2012.

Where are we now? Bernie is healthy - the rest is just 'stuff' - but we own four properties [not including our principal place of residence]. I'm changing jobs again after six+ years with my employer. I'm making a career change and starting from scratch but risk is something you can get used to weighing up.

What have we learned?

- Read lots
- Ask loads of questions
- Educate yourself and then the answers will become obvious
- Delay and procrastination are just fear with a good PR team
- Once you know what you are doing a great deal is hard to pass up - no matter your circumstances.

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Margaret's books are how I started my property investing journey. Her practical and down to earth approach really resonated with me. It's not a 'get rich quick' or a '100 properties in 100 days' approach, it's 'slow and steady' and it works. I contacted the Destiny branch at Clayfield, this was 2003 and the rest as they say is history.

When I purchased my first property it took 3 weeks to find a tenant and it was a nail biting 3 weeks for me. I started to wonder if I'd done the right thing! 10 years and 12 properties (across 4 states) later, I have much more confidence. One of the reasons for this is the great relationship that I have with the Gold Coast branch. I find them very supportive, particularly Carolyn. She's just a phone call away if I have questions or concerns and I know that she has my best interests in mind and that her advice will be valuable and helpful.

Destiny is both my property investing personal trainer and cheer squad. They've taught me how to invest in property and have provided support every step of the way. They keep me encouraged and focussed as well.

I'm confident that I'll be financially independent soon and be able to do what I want to do in my retirement. It's a great relief to know that I have options and that I can, and am, driving this.

If you're just starting out with property investing make sure that you have regular 'touch points' with other investors, this will keep you motivated. Surround yourself with likeminded people. Earlier in my investing journey I found it helpful to attend meetings with other investors, where we all had 'to do' lists and we depended on each other to complete those. Because I knew others were depending on me, I completed all my actions on schedule. Without this, I would most likely have found lots of excuses to procrastinate. At this point in my journey I find that attending a monthly meeting with other Destiny clients keeps me motivated.

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No one ever told me that it takes time to build wealth. As a young person growing up in the 21st century the advertising says you can have it all - now. Bank loans for the cars and the bikes, credit cards to pay for holidays and the latest mobile phone on a payment plan. But what about a property - no chance!

About 2 years into my carpentry apprenticeship things got pretty tough financially. Living away from home was expensive, I took on some bar work and extra cash jobs. I was at night school to acquire my builders license in the hope of making a better income. Then I hit breaking point. It wasn't until I had pushed my health and wellbeing beyond the limit that I realized I had to change the way I was doing things. I needed a plan and I needed my money to work for me. I needed to invest.

After a lot of study I decided to focus on investing in property. I watched Margaret Lomas on Sky Business; the more I learned the more achievable my dream seemed. I could make this happen! Books, magazines, newspapers, television, although I didn't have the financial capacity to buy at the time I just kept feeding the dream. I started to tell my friends I was going to buy property, this motivated me to save even harder so they wouldn't think I was someone that made up stories.

The first time I met with Destiny Gold Coast I had been feeling a little low and I knew I didn't have enough savings but just talking to Carolyn reengaged my motivation. She gave me a target and six months later I was back in her office. The team at the Gold Coast branch went out of their way to sort out a few little issues that needed to be fixed before I could purchase and that was before I had even become an official client! The best part of my journey was the time I spent with my Destiny mentor, I learnt all the little tricks and everything was explained in a way I could understand. I have made it, first property purchased! I can breathe now, writing this now reminds me that when I'm ready to go again Destiny will be there.

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