Client Testimonials

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Killarney Heights , NSW

Over the past couple of years I've been actively seeking for a way to build a property portfolio. After attending many property expos and seminars I came into contact with Destiny and have never looked back since.

They have provided me with all the support I've needed to purchase 2 positive cash flow investment properties within 12 months and have greatly educated me in the process.

By far the best investment I've made has been my decision to join the Destiny team, as the initial start up fee has been paid off many times over.

I certainly would not have been able to achieve the same level of success without their support, and their team is second to none. Thanks to Destiny it's ‘Two down and many to go!

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Andrew and Sandy

Birkdale , QLD

We first approached Destiny in 2004 for assistance with starting a property portfolio. Destiny was able to assist with structuring our finances to get the most out of our investing and help with analysing property for our portfolio.

Since starting on their system 2 ½ years, we have reduced our mortgage by $63,000 and purchased 4 investment properties. The results they have achieved for us speak for themselves. Thanks Destiny!

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Perth , WA

Originally I found out about Destiny at the Perth Money Show in 2003. I spoke to the people at the Destiny stand and purchased Margaret Lomas' book, 'How to Create an Income for Life'. I had been looking for a way to set my family up financially and this book explained exactly how to go about it without the need to get into glad wrap? No seriously it was no nonsense, straight and easy to read stuff that everyone is capable of doing.

So I booked in to see the local Destiny branch at Willetton (now Perth) for a free Financial Analysis and was surprised at the advice and help that was available and freely given. After seeing what they could offer me from this first visit I was more than happy to become a Destiny Client, the fee to me was the best investment I ever made.

Destiny's enthusiasm for what they do make it a pleasure every time I ring for advice which has been often, sorry guys. The DestinyTrack software system that is designed for clients makes the whole investing thing so much easier. The tools are easy to use and make finding the right property and tracking its progress from day one a breeze. I have bought two properties since and they don't cost me anything, in fact they make me money every month and their value has gone up. The next is on its way and the thought of being financially secure by 40 is well and truly within reach.

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Bilambil , NSW

Although it's been a lot of hard work, having Margaret Lomas as a mentor certainly gave me that extra courage to take the first leap and take risks that I normally wouldn't have taken on my own.

I have achieved everything I wanted and more in this last year. I have learned so much about managing my finances, investing in property, being a landlord and how to create an income for life.

At age 55, I will be retiring a millionaire. Hopefully, I will be able to give the same gift I have had to someone else, by mentoring them in property investing.

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Kevin and Sally

Burleigh Heads , QLD

We had purchased 2 investment properties on the Gold Coast during 2003 but then stalled, as we felt that we did not have the confidence, the skills or the investment knowledge to continue onwards with building our property portfolio.

At about this time, we started reading some of Margaret Lomas' property investment books and then attended a property information seminar run by Margaret on the Gold Coast. Following this seminar, we approached Destiny Gold Coast to see how the company could assist us.

From this initial meeting, we left confident that Destiny could fast track our financial plan to acquire additional positive cash flow properties and develop a long term plan for our future prosperity.

Since starting on their system around 3 years ago, we have now purchased numerous other properties including interstate locations without ever having seen them - something we thought we previously would never have been comfortable doing. We are currently working on locating our next investment property in North Queensland.

Whenever we have any questions or problems, the local Gold Coast branch financial adviser Carolyn Walshe & Manager Boris Li, are there to help us by either phone call or face-to-face consultation.

Destiny have provided us with the confidence, the knowledge and the skill for us to continue building our future wealth. The results they have achieved for us speak for themselves.

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Brett and Kirsten

Perth , WA

Destiny have helped us to develop a clear picture of where we want to be with regard to our future financial position and have assisted us in formulating a plan and focusing out energies to ensure we get there! We have bought two investment properties in the past twelve months, which would not have been possible without the invaluable help and support from the Destiny team in Perth.

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