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Justin and Michelle

Centennial Park , NSW

Before we came to Destiny we were paying off our home and had one investment property. Like many property investors, we didn't have a strategy in place or know where we were going with our investments. What we did know was that nothing was going to magically happen for us. If we didn't get some help we were unlikely to achieve a lifestyle we wanted.

After reading a few property investment books and researching different services, we ended up feeling comfortable with the Destiny approach. Even so, we were still wary as we'd heard stories about what can go wrong with inappropriate property investment advice. We wanted qualified advisers that weren't trying to sell properties to us.

Following our initial consultation at the Sydney Branch we decided to move forward with a plan based on our current financial position, which outlined our potential to build a substantial property portfolio. We then arranged to have our finances streamlined, to support a debt reduction strategy combined with multi-property acquisitions. We were fully trained on the Destiny software, attended the client research groups. so the foundations were finally in place.

We purchased two properties soon after joining Destiny and will have our next investment property very soon. We're on track to achieving a passive income stream that wasn't going to happen otherwise.

It's great to know we can contact our branch for some guidance before we make our next move. The tools and support provided have been fantastic and we're looking forward to working with Jim, Sylvia and the staff at Crows Nest for many years to come.

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Gordon , ACT

Just before Christmas 2005, life took a dramatic turn, and I found myself single with three children (one of them still in full time child care) and a hefty mortgage.

Those early days were all about surviving on one wage, keeping food on the table and struggling with interest rate rises. I knew there must be a better way, so I started to educate myself about money. I read anything I could get my hands on, and attended a few seminars. Margaret Lomas and her positive cash flow strategy really spoke to me.

I became a client, but I was struggling internally. How could I achieve this when I could barely make ends meet? What if I made bad decisions and lost everything? Fear was holding me back.

In February 2008 I attended a Destiny Focus Group. We set and shared our property goals. Each fortnight we met and talked about what we were doing towards those goals, and set milestones to achieve before the next meeting. It was the most powerful experience I have ever had, and in the space of a few months Destiny and the team helped me turn my life and my confidence around.

As I met my milestones I started to see that it could indeed be done. In July 2008 I purchased my first property, and I'm now working on my strategy for property number two. Thanks to Destiny and the Focus Group, my mortgage is reducing and I'm living my property investment dream.

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Oakleigh South , VIC

I had an opportunity to buy a house off the plan but every time a document was put in my hand I felt like I was being conned.

So I bought some books to become more informed and that's when I discovered Margaret Lomas. From then on I was hooked and when I found out there was a Destiny office in Melbourne, that was the start of my Destiny journey.

Destiny sorted out my finances and I have bought my first investment property. They are most willing, cooperative, generous and, did I mention, good fun people... absolutely nothing is too much trouble. Louise and her team give you so much confidence in yourself. It's like an umbilical cord is attached so you can't go wrong.

I was so impressed with the level of assistance that I introduced a good friend and her son to Destiny as I have every confidence they will also be looked after. Joining Destiny was the best investment I ever made!

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Paul and Bradley

Holt , ACT

We bought our first investment property a few years back, and that's where we stayed - with just 1 property.

Destiny has helped us develop a clear long term plan for our financial future. And, in under a year we have purchased an additional 2 investment properties using Destiny's mortgage repayment techniques. We now have 3 investment properties working for us, and we're shopping for our 4th. We couldn't have achieved these fantastic results without the team at Destiny. Thanks Destiny!

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Jeremy and Linda

Carrara , QLD

We teamed up with Destiny on the Gold Coast to help finance our principle place of residence. Once we had settled in we started to read some of Margaret's books and attended a few seminars to build our knowledge base.

We signed up to become Platinum clients once we had bought our first investment property in Sept 05. We now (Sept 07) have 5 investment properties spread across the country all of which are continuing to grow in value.

The Gold Coast branch has been fantastic at giving us guidance and support along the way. Sometimes we've pushed the envelope pretty hard, with LVR and serviceability issues trying to slow us down, but with Carolyn's help we've managed to keep rolling along.

I'd be more than happy to recommend Destiny's service to anyone looking to grow a large property portfolio to secure their financial future.

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Bruce and Jane

Hollywell , QLD

We first heard Margaret Lomas speak at the 2006 Property Investment Expo in Brisbane. At this point we were at a crossroads unable to make a decision. Over the past few years we have read the books and attended seminars but Destiny put everything into perspective and helped us to move forward with the right direction.

Since joining Destiny, our situation has improved to the point where we are now purchasing our third property. Destiny encourages you to believe in your ability and gives you the confidence to take the next step and to keep going.

We can't speak highly enough about the Destiny team and their service. Our questions are always answered as promptly.

We have no hesitation is recommending Destiny. Their positive attitude, the help and information that they provide creates an environment to help you achieve your goals- plus you get to have fun along the way.

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