Frequently Asked Questions

What does Destiny do?

Destiny empowers property investors to achieve their financial goals. After we gain a deep understanding of your current situation and financial goals, we will provide a customised solution. This solution will be a combination of property investment education and support reflecting your individual circumstances.

Does Destiny recommend properties to buy?

At Destiny, we will show you how to identify areas and find the properties through our education and support programs. Through our client software we also conduct assessments on the properties that you find. We do not help people buy the actual property, as we are not a buyer's agent. Instead we work to educate our clients so when they want to buy a property, they know for themselves if it's a good investment or not. Destiny is there to support and guide you through the whole investment property buying process.

Do you have a 'shortlist' of areas in which to purchase investment properties?

We help you to find these areas rather than you being dependent on us to supply 'the next hotspot'. When you are a client you will often engage in discussions with other Destiny property investors and your Property Investment Adviser, about areas that are popular and areas which you are looking to buy in.

Do you sell property?

Destiny does not sell property, but helps people to buy it, safely and successfully. This also ensures that our advice has our client's best interests in mind.

How can Destiny help me?

Well, it depends on what exactly you want to achieve and your current situation. Typically, Destiny helps people reduce their debt and reach their financial goals by investing in property.

Does Destiny assist with finance or loan structuring?

Destiny is a specialist in investment finance, having written more than $3 Billion worth of finance, and our free, comprehensive finance acquisition and structuring service ensures each property you buy is financed correctly the first time. Destiny's team of Mortgage Specialists are available to assist you from 8am - 8pm (AEST) Monday - Friday.

Do your Property Investment Advisers follow Margaret's investing philosophies and principles?

Yes, all of our Property Investment Advisers have been trained by Margaret, but most importantly they all follow her investing philosophies as outlined in her books, and are all Qualified Property Investment Advisers (QPIAs).

Can I speak to Margaret Lomas?

Due to her schedule Margaret regrets that she is unable to attend to personal consultations.

Destiny clients can connect with Margaret through a variety of client exclusive events and resources such as monthly live interactive Webcasts; Destiny Chatter; Investor Cloud Rooms; or by speaking with a Destiny Property Investment Adviser who can liaise with Margaret for answers to your questions on your behalf.

You are also able to connect (even if you are not a Destiny client) with Margaret in a number of ways: by watching her online yearly seminar webcast; or by attending a property expo or property event where Margaret is a keynote speaker.

What training or education do you offer?

We offer the Essential Property Education course, which is designed to give participants practical property investment skills, knowledge and useful resources to effectively invest in residential property.

Does the Essential Property Education course cover commercial property?

The course does contain a brief section on commercial property. It is important that your risk profile is suited to commercial property investing before you head down that path.

How much does the initial appointment cost?

There is no fee for the initial Discovery Video Web Meeting and it is obligation free.

I live in a remote area, can Destiny still assist me to build a property portfolio?

Yes, as Destiny's services are delivered online using the latest technologies and specially designed proprietary investor tools, we are able to, and assist people from all over Australia and around the world.

Do you offer services to overseas clients?

Yes, if you are an expat Australian living overseas, Destiny's full range of services are still available to you. We currently assist many property investors who reside in countries all over the world.

Why is it important to have our finances structured correctly?

In order to have the flexibility to purchase investment properties long into the future, and thus build a solid portfolio, it is imperative that your finances are structured correctly. Property investors frequently underestimate the importance of finance selection and structuring when purchasing a property, regularly missing tax deductions and debt reduction opportunities. Destiny has a experienced team of Mortgage Specialists who are available to assist you from 8am - 8pm (AEST) Monday - Friday.

Do we have to spend hours searching for properties?

Destiny has a system that allows us to filter through areas and identify suitable properties quickly. We also provide clients with information as to where other Destiny clients are purchasing. So you will be able to locate suitable properties relatively quickly. However, Destiny's approach is not a get-rich-quick scheme, so effort is required.

What are the qualifications of a Destiny Property Investment Adviser?

All Destiny Property Investment Advisers are Qualified Property Investment Advisers (QPIAs) with the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) and also experienced property investors. This blend of qualifications and experience ensures their guidance is professional and practical.