Essential Property Education

The Essential Property Education course is where smart property investors start their portfolio building journey. It is designed to give students practical property investment skills, advanced knowledge and useful resources to effectively invest in property. The course was developed by best-selling author, respected property expert and founder of Destiny, Margaret Lomas. It is highly practical, with the knowledge gained immediately applicable. This course is a genuine education course and not designed to sell you property.

Now presented as a high quality, self- paced online training package, this unparalleled course will change the way you invest in property. Whether you are new to property investing or you have already begun, this highly professional course includes tutorials by Margaret Lomas, presented in a fully interactive environment with learning objectives, activities, quizzes and a huge collection of resources, all designed to ensure that your property investing is as successful as possible!


Benefits of participating in this course:

  • Develop skills in negotiating and problem solving
  • Learn the steps required to search for and acquire investment property anywhere in Australia
  • Establish how to uncover the suitability of an area and quickly determine growth drivers
  • Avoid the pitfalls of trusting someone else with this important task by avoiding the spruikers
  • Understand investing in property in any state
  • Discover how to effectively structure and finance your investment portfolio
  • Learn about tax, depreciation, conveyancing, property management and MUCH more!
  • Gain confidence to overcome obstacles blocking your property investing success
  • Access a huge range of downloadable resources to assist you with your investing
  • Experience an action-based learning format which ensures practical skills are developed
  • Suitable for new property investors AND investors who have already started their portfolio

Essential Property Education courses are only supervised by Qualified Property Investment Advisers (QPIA®) who are experienced property investors. Individual attention is assured with direct access to your instructor via the on-line training portal.

As a result of participating in this course you will learn how to:

  • Uncover the best areas for investing using qualified research
  • Understand comprehensive structuring and finance options
  • Conduct comprehensive analysis and due diligence on properties identified
  • Negotiate and acquire investment properties and build a strong portfolio
  • Understand your own risk profile and buy property appropriate to that profile
  • Identify property investing risks and the risk rating of different property types
  • Outline the benefits and drawbacks of a variety of different property investing strategies
  • Identify growth drivers in any area
  • Understand how to calculate depreciation benefits on a property
  • Find property appropriate to the demographics of identified hotspots
  • Buy and settle investment properties in any state or territory of Australia
  • Have investment properties successfully managed by professionals
  • Understand a variety of management options from self - management through to leasebacks and Management Rights
  • Maintain, review and revise an ongoing property portfolio
  • Improve the profitability of your property investing and the overall bottom line of your portfolio

The course includes:

  • Comprehensive workbook
  • Access to QPIA Instructors
  • DestinyLive Premium membership for 3 months
  • Dozens of downloadable resources
  • Over 60 Tutorials presented by Margaret Lomas in a professional, purpose built learning environment
  • Activities, quizzes and an abundance of high quality education and information


This course is suitable for anyone who wants to invest in Australian property and outlines all property investing strategies.

It is also appropriate for anyone who has already commenced a portfolio, but would like to improve investing outcomes or invest more successfully.


The course is presented in bite-sized video tutorials which range between four and seven minutes each. Each tutorial is packaged within a learning system which includes activities to develop real skills and quizzes to reinforce learning.

The course contains 68 modules which can be completed online at the learner's own pace within a 3 month period. Each module can be started and completed at any time, and reviewed as often as the learner desires provided they complete the course within the 3 month period. Each module is a different length, from approximately 5 minutes to up to 20 minutes, giving an overall course length of around 30 hours (depending upon the learner).

Course reviews

  • By far the most informative and no nonsense course I have had the privilege to stumble upon. Thank you Margaret!

    — Le Tran
  • I found the course excellent, it was very informative, professional, It was both well written and presented. It is evident that a lot of work, care and experience has gone into designing it. The course was also easy to understand, well layed and interesting which kept me motivated and engaged until the end. Most importantly, the course was enjoyable and provided me with the confidence that I now have the necessary skills and tools to build a successful property portfolio. I would highly recommend this course to any person interested in investing in property, the education is value for money. Well done and thank you Destiny.

    — Adam Niland
  • Hugely informative with a lot of useful relevant information. I highly recommend this course.

    — Chris Vanderzwart
  • The course was fantastic! The content is well explained and interactive plus there are plenty of resources to aid in learning. I am eager to put what I have learnt into practice.

    — Justin Dover
  • I have Really enjoyed this detailed property investor course. The combination of Margaret's video's, folder, book and the flexibility of being online was PERFECT for me. I really feel excited about learning and using the DestinyLive portfolio system with my future properties.

    — Stacey Digenis
  • This course is essential for any smart investor. It's comprehensive. It provides the essential platform for building a successful property portfolio.

    — Usman Cheema
  • Excellent informative course. Well structured, good content and ample time to complete. I would have liked a little more on how to interpret the research data in the current climate so I had a benchmark to work from. Apart from that I thoroughly enjoyed the course.

    — Bryan Grant
  • Very comprehensive. Support was excellent. Very happy that I made it through and am excited to get started on purchasing my first property and growing my portfolio.

    — Anonymous
  • This course was incredibly informative and highly practical. All bases I feel have been covered and I am now ready to go and invest confidently.

    — Liam Carmody
  • Brilliant Course. I would recommend to any budding investment property individual! Thanks Margaret you are an inspiration.

    — Anonymous
  • Very useful and comprehensive, feel better equipped to start investing in property

    — Nick Gay
  • Thank you Margaret for the gift of education!

    — Anonymous
  • Brilliant and ideally I would love to retake again soon or use as a refresher.

    — Mark Maiden
  • Very comprehensive and I like the self-paced training schedule. Thank you very much Margaret!

    — Trang Huynh
  • This course was really well structured in an easy to follow, "bite size chunk" format - before I knew it I had completed the last module! There are plenty of good reference materials provided as well as practical information and tips. This course provides a great basis for my property investment journey - now the hard part, putting the theory into practise! However, I feel much more confident in taking this next step after completing this course!

    — David Cullen
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the course, comprehensive yet easy to understand and follow.

    — Kate Pember
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was very informative and I now feel that I have a greater knowledge about property investing and I'm also a lot more confident in my ability. I can't wait to begin my journey. Thank You !!

    — Karen Way

More Information

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