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The web is full of information about how, when and where to invest in property. At Destiny, we have more than 22 years experience working with property investors and investing ourselves, and so we know what we are doing.

In order to ensure that all of our clients achieve the best possible outcome, while considering their risk profile and personal financial circumstances, we have developed a proven system which results in successful portfolios.

All our advisers are Qualified Property Investment Advisers (QPIA) and Destiny is a Founding Member of the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA).

Portfolio Success

Portfolio Success

Education is important but so is getting support from qualified people to help you put that knowledge into action. Our Portfolio Success program will see you through from that very important first step of education, right through to settling on your investment properties and beyond. We achieve this through our comprehensive Essential Property Education course, our one to one post course mentoring and ongoing workshops and our expert loan structuring service.

Essential Property Education

Essential Property Education

Now online and fully interactive, the Destiny Essential Property Education Course contains all of the education you need to become a highly successful property investor and improve your property portfolio bottom lines. Complete at your own pace and receive a certificate on completion.

Property Investment Finance

Property Investment Finance

Property investors frequently underestimate the importance of finance selection and structuring when purchasing a property, regularly missing tax deductions and debt reduction opportunities. Destiny is a specialist in investment finance, and our free, comprehensive finance acquisition and structuring service ensures each property you buy is financed correctly the first time.

Contact Us

Contact Us

For all enquiries please contact Destiny's Head Office by calling us on 02 4302 1800 if calling from within Australia or +61 2 4302 1800 if calling from outside Australia.

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